Exploring Different Options: Which is the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy?

Greyhound racing is exciting, but beginners need clarification about placing bets on their favorites. This is why research is important. Don’t worry; we have covered different strategies in the article to let you select the best greyhound betting strategy from them and try your luck in the next game.
best greyhound betting strategy

Pick the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy

Strategy Explanation
Win Bets Betting on a greyhound to win the race.
Place and Show Bets Betting on a greyhound to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the race.
Exactas and Daily Doubles Betting on the exact order of finish for two or more races.
Parlay and Teaser Bets Combining multiple bets into one wager with increased odds.

Is this your first time placing a bet on a greyhound match at an online casino? Don’t worry; it might look difficult, but it will be easier once you know different strategies.

However, you can’t use all of them in a game; you must pick the best one that works perfectly with the ongoing match. This is why educating yourself about greyhound betting strategies is important. Let’s explore each betting strategy in detail:

Win Bets

greyhound betting

For win bets, you choose a dog you think will finish first. The payout is usually higher than exotic bets, but your odds of winning are lower since you need the exacta.

Good options are chalking favorites based on ability or underdogs with solid recent form in lower-class races. This bet is only a good strategy for some games. You must use this until and unless you are 100% sure the selected greyhound will win the match.

Place and Show Bets

With place bets, your selection must finish first or second to win. Show bets pay out if the dog is first, second, or third. The odds are better than win bets, but the returns are lower. Consider placing bets on strong contenders or showing bets on consistent performers. This is a good strategy for new bettors to the greyhound game.

Exactas and Daily Doubles

Betting an exacta means choosing the first and second-place finishers in order. Daily doubles require correctly selecting the winner of two consecutive races. The payouts can be substantial but are difficult to hit—target races with apparent top two choices.

Parlay and Teaser Bets

A parlay involves selecting multiple dogs in one card to finish high. A teaser lowers the point spread on 2-4 selections. The odds increase exponentially with each additional pick. However, all must hit to pay out anything. Use for major underdog longshots.

Additional Tips on Choosing the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy

greyhound betting strategy

Researching is extremely important before selecting a betting strategy. Whether you’re betting from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Qatar, research will save you from wasting your money on the wrong contender. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Before placing any bets, take some time to study the past performances of each dog in the upcoming race. Look at their win/loss record, average finishing position, and best times.
  • Pay attention to each greyhound’s recent form. Dogs that have placed well in their last few races may be good bets. On the other hand, avoid greyhounds coming off multiple losses.
  • Take note of each dog’s post position. Inside slots #1-3 can give an advantage, while outside slots #5-6 make for a tougher race. Consider post position when assessing odds.
  • Check the race class to see if dogs are dropping or rising at the competition level. Dropping down may boost their chances after facing stiffer rivals.

Researching past results and forms gives you a better idea of each greyhound’s true abilities than their posted odds. This makes it easier to spot betting value.

Managing Your Money Effectively on Greyhound Bets

Regardless of your best greyhound betting strategy, managing your inhibitions is necessary so as not to spend all your fortune on the game. Many players must catch up when their strategy starts to give results, so you must manage your money effectively. Here are some tips to do it:

  • Set a strict daily/monthly bankroll and only risk 1-5% per bet to avoid going broke.
  • Shop for the best odds and take advantage of track promotions when possible.
  • Hedge your bets by betting opposites to ensure a payout no matter the outcome.
  • Cut losing streaks short by cashing out for the day once losses hit 20% of the bankroll.
  • Avoid chasing losses with increasingly risky bets. Stick to your strategy, and patience will pay off in the long term.

Opt for the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy & Start Winning

The keys are disciplined staking, avoiding emotional bets, and sticking to research-backed selections from strong contenders. With an emphasis on money management, greyhound betting can deliver entertainment and provide some income when done properly. Just don’t expect to quit your day job!


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