Tips and Tricks on How to Play Keno

Are you enthusiastic about playing the lottery-style game Keno? If yes, this guide is surely for you, as you will find numerous intriguing facts about this game. Not only will you indulge in the technicalities of playing this game, but I will also show you can meticulously master the art of playing Keno online.
How to Play Keno

Beginners Guide to Keno

Keno, a renowned name in the online gaming industry, follows a straightforward process. If you are a risk-taking casino player like me, you must play this game. Playing Keno is like putting your money in the lottery games.

Some players also described it as a fusion of bingo and lottery, as players select numbers from a pool, and further, a random draw decides the result. Playing this game is super easy and exciting as it comes with a grid of numbers from 1-80.

You have to pick 1-15 numbers, and after the selections, the game proceeds with drawing the number. The system will choose 20 random numbers from the grid. If your selected numbers match the numbers from the grid, you will have more chances to win the game.

One rule that makes this game less risky is matching more numbers in the game. The closer your chosen numbers are to the draw, the higher the winning amount will be.

Keno Terms You Must Know

Keno casino game

Keno is also one of the oldest games, rooted in ancient China. Some terms are as old as this game, and I recommend that every budding player know them for a better playing experience and Keno results.

All or Nothing – A format of keno in which you have two ways to win. A player either picks all the numbers or draws nothing. Ball Game – The numbered plastic balls from 1 to 80 are drawn live, just like in the bingo draw. Bankroll – The money the player has kept safe for all games.
Bank – Casino money to pay the winners. Blank – Unfilled Keno Ticket Call – Announcing the winners
Catch – Hitting a number from your ticket Catch All – Hitting every number available on your keno ticket Catch Zero – Avoid hitting any number marked on the ticket.
Close – When the platform stops taking keno wagers. Crayon – Black crayon is used for marking keno tickets in the traditional and offline versions. Deuce – Two numbers located next to each other on the keno layout.
Draw – Keno numbers drawn (usually 20) in a single round of gameplay. Draw Sheet – Records of the previous drawn numbers. Exacta – Combination of two Succeeding keno games
Expected Value – Appearance of a particular outcome in keno. Field – An entire board consisting of 80 numbers in a game. FreePlay – A round that makes you eligible to play for the next round.
Group – Collection of numbers circled on a keno board. High-End Keno/ High-End Ticket – Payout players according to the number drawn by the players. High Roller Keno – Offering higher maximum and minimum bets.
Hit – Numbers awarding keno payouts House – The Gaming Platform House Edge – Advantage of gaming platforms over the players.
Jackpot – Lump Sum winning amount over regular payouts. Keno Board – Display showing numbers King – A single number forming a unique wager offering enhanced payouts.
Left-Right Keno/ Left-Right Ticket – Numbers picked only from the right or left side of the field. Live Keno – Live Streaming of Keno Online. Mark- Numbers marked for wagering
Net Win – Profits made by the players Open – Field open for betting Odds – Chances of winning a bet
Pattern – Forming a specific pattern through the keno numbers Pay Any Catch Keno – A fixed payout for any winning number. Payoff – Amount paid to the winners.
Pay Table – Matrix posted by casinos for their games Probability – Similar to Odds but displayed in percentage. Push – Tie or no profit no loss over the game.
Quick Pick – Allowing players to pick their numbers instantly Race – Another term used for Keno RNG/ Random Number Generator – An algorithm for generating a random sequence and outcome.
Spot – Number selected on the keno ticket Ticket – A piece of paper to mark their winning numbers. Top-Bottom Ticket – Players bet on either top or bottom 40 numbers.
Wager – Bet Winning Numbers – Set of numbers drawn after every round Way – A separate secondary bet.

Best Keno Strategies for Arabic Players

Keno game

As I stated above, Keno is a betting game with a higher probability of winning. So, there are no specific tips that can improve your chances of winning; however, there are some strategies that one must keep in mind while beginning the journey of playing keno online.

  • Understand the Odds and go with the slots where you see the potential of winning.
  • Budget for your keno session so that you can save yourself from losses.
  • Find an appropriate casino platform where you can earn maximum payouts.
  • Balancing the size of the bet as it maximizes your chances of winning.
  • You can try multi-race cards if allowed by the chosen platform.
  • You can also move forward with the quick pick strategy, where the quick pick option automatically provides the numbers.
  • Always keep yourself updated with the knowledge related to the payout tables and the payback percentage.
  • You can also proceed with the Progressive Jackpot Keno if available at your chosen betting platform, as it can lead to a significant share of winning.
  • The second last tip is to play for fun, as there isn’t any guarantee of winning at the casino.
  • Always stay patient while playing Keno, as it is a game of chance.

Types of Keno Tickets For Exciting GamePlay


Keno is a game that includes a variety of opportunities to win a substantial amount of winnings. Here are some of the Keno ticket types that will enhance your Keno experience.

  1. Straight Keno Ticket – It is the most common type of keno, where players bet on 20 numbers in a single game.
  2. Way Keno Ticket – Players bet on a group of numbers and individual spots.
  3. Super Keno Ticket – A video keno variation supporting multiple games.
  4. Power Keno Ticket – A game where you can earn 4 times a regular payout.
  5. Combination Keno Ticket – A single keno ticket where multiple keno wagers are allowed.
  6. Video Keno Ticket – A video gambling machine that uses video images and generates random numbers rather than the traditional way.
  7. Live Dealer Keno Ticket – As the name suggests, it is a live gaming option.
  8. Progressive Jackpot Keno Ticket – A bonus keno ticket where players win substantially huge outcomes over a regular payout.
  9. Caveman Keno Ticket – Similar to the basic keno, a player opts for three numbers before the numbers are drawn. You need to match 2 numbers from the 20 draws for payout.
  10. Multi-Race Keno Ticket – A ticket requesting more than one game.

Tips to Find a Trusted Keno Casino

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Finding a trusted Keno Casino platform is challenging, especially for a novice. You can find this in most Arab Casinos as well. To provide you with the solution to finding the right Keno Casino, I have penned some of the important tips so you can have a blast right from the start. Always check these facts before proceeding further with any platform.

  • Reputation of the Casino
  • Bonuses, Promotions, & Referrals
  • Check License
  • RNG Certificate
  • Keno Variety & Payouts

Things to keep in mind while Playing Keno

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While playing Keno, certain sets of rules need to be followed. The rules of Keno are as simple as this game. Here are some mandatory basic rules to enjoy this amazing game of Keno.

  1. First, choose the Keno ticket to play the game.
  2. The pool at Keno consists of 80 balls, and you are only allowed to wager on 20 numbers.
  3. Keno games at different casinos, including Saudi Casino, Dubai Casino, etc., consist of different rules. So, always opt for at least 2 numbers for betting as per your chosen online platform.

Ending Words

I hope this information piqued your interest in this amazing online game. Now, you have a basic idea of how to play keno and win high returns on betting.

The rules of the games are simple and do not even require too much attention from the players. So, find a suitable platform for playing online Keno and find out if the luck is in your favor.


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