Online Gambling in the UAE: What Happens If You Gamble Online Under 18?

Gambling under 18 in Arab countries is strictly prohibited and can get players into serious trouble. You can face legal penalties and even jail time. Here’s an article dedicated to helping you find out what happens if you gamble online under 18 in an Arab country.
what happens if you gamble online under 18

Under 18 Online Gambling in Arab Countries

Despite gambling restrictions, many online casinos in the Arab world, such as those in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., are operating to let players wager money without interruptions. However, it’s only available for adult players, not those under 18. To place bets, you must be of legal age, generally above 21 years, to avoid facing any penalties or legalities.

Several reputable offshore online casinos do KYC verification to confirm the legal age of the player. Underage gambling is strictly prohibited, and the players can land themselves into legal problems if they continue to do it.

What Happens if the Player is Caught?

underage gambling

First, the casino site confiscates your winnings and deposits and permanently blocks your betting account. Some online casinos also report this to authorities, which can lead to bigger problems.

This usually happens during deposits and withdrawals or during the signup process. Many registered and licensed online casinos by Curacao, Malta Gaming Authority, The UK Gambling Authority, and others pay more attention to this aspect to avoid hassle.

Legal Penalties for Underage Gambling

Underage gambling is illegal in almost all parts of the world, but Arab countries are far stricter about it due to Shariah laws. You might not bear any criminal charges for it, but there’s a great chance that players and their parents can get penalized. There’s a fair chance that the operators might also face licensing issues in the future.

Legal penalties for underage gambling

Impact of Underage Gambling on Player’s Future

‘Caught for underage gambling’ goes into your resume. It becomes a part of your record and will impact you wherever you go. For instance, it can affect your visa chances, job opportunities, and educational applications. Background and identity checks are very common, so avoiding this practice is best if you don’t want to ruin your future.

Gamble Safely to Avoid Legal Penalties

The safest approach to gambling in Arab countries is after 18 or 21 years of age. Many online casinos do not accept players under 21, so it’s best to check with the site before continuing. Being careful is far more beneficial than being careless with your future.

Underage gambling can ruin your background and can cause significant damage to your personality as well. There’s a huge chance of developing addiction, too, which is why young people are not allowed to gamble before turning 18 or 21. Ensure you’re of an age when you start wagering money on your favorite games to avoid getting caught by the authorities.

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