What is Keno Casino Game?

Originating in China, Keno has been in the gaming industry for centuries. It’s a lottery-style game, perfect for new and old players. Here’s an article explaining what is Keno casino game, some effective strategies, and game odds.
what is Keno casino game

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What is Keno Casino Game?

Keno is a casino game played with cards, a.k.a. tickets. These tickets have numbers on them, normally from 1 to 80. The players select any numbers ranging from 1 to 20 by darkening circles or squares representing them. After you have selected the numbers, it’s time to wait for the keno drawings. These drawings usually happen in set intervals after every 5-15 minutes.

During these drawings, 80 numbers are available for players to be randomly selected. The runner uses the RNG to pick numbers between 8 to 25 out of 80. The chosen numbers are then announced and displayed on screens. Players then start to check how many numbers they have matched.

Payouts are given to players based on the number of matches. Even one matchup can bring small payouts for you. The biggest prize, or the jackpot, is given to the one who matches all 20 numbers.

Keno Strategies to Hit the Jackpot

Keno game

Keno is a simple casino game that does not require much training. Anyone can start playing the game and win amazing prizes, but to hit the jackpot, you need strategies. Here are some experts-approved strategies to improve your odds of winning at Arab online casinos:

  • Choose more numbers: Select maximum numbers to increase your chances of matching numbers.
  • Avoid duplicating numbers: Don’t choose the same numbers, as it can reduce your chances of matching a different number.
  • Stick to lower numbers: According to research, numbers from 1 to 25 have better odds as compared to others.
  • Watch draws and trends: Observe past draws to reveal biases that slightly favor some numbers repeating over time.
  • Play max credits: Place maximum bets from time to time to take advantage of higher odds.

Match the Right Numbers & Win Big on Keno

Keno is a fun game where the excitement never ends. It’s a game of luck, so you can’t expect guaranteed wins through strategies; however, they give you a slight edge over the house. The more you practice, the more you can understand the psychology behind it. Don’t lose hope, and try this amazing game today!


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